Baltic Diving Solution is offering a wide range of services of ROV subsea operation. We have an extensive experience with the ROV inspection works. ROV is also a very common tool used during support and monitoring of the diving operation. Additional accessories like manipulators, CP reading device, sonar and many more allows ROV to perform various activities. ROV equipped with side sonar and multibeam can provide an effective assistance search for sunk objects as well as with mapping of a seabed. ROV is also capable of working in the hazardous conditions for a human being conditions, like chemicals, biological, radioactive environments. A work can be carried out with no limits to the exposure time. We have a close cooperation with the experience team of ROV pilots and technician working in oil and gas, and renewable energy sectors. We are able to operation from a small boat on the inland waters with miniROVs and from an offshore units with Observation and Work Class ROVs.

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