Drones are used as an alternative for working at height during an inspection work. Drone inspection does not require a scaffolding or a rope access training, which limits time and rises cost of an operation and the same time mitigates a risk working at height. Drone’s video camera allows it to stream a real-time video even with resolution of 4K up to 1 km distance. There is also a possibility to install 3D cameras, thermal imaging camera and all kind of other sensor which transfer a drone in to a serious inspection tool.

The drones are widely used in an industrial monitoring, geodesy, commercial industry, all kind of events and rescue missions. The newest constructions allows a drone to travel with additional weight up to 25 kg. A multi choice of additional tools for a drone permits to prepare it for your specific project requirements.

We can deliver a team of an experience pilots holding a UAVO license for both in the line of sight (VLOS) and beyond (BLOS). Our personnel held the license for the drones up to and above 25 kg. The licenses have been obtained from the Civil Aviation Authority. Baltic Diving Solution is introduction the methodology used for a remote video inspection carried out by ROV into a drone market. Our main philosophy is that the rules of the ROV inspection are almost the same for the drone inspection, just a working environment is different.

Thanks to this approach we are capable of preforming very detail inspection of bridges,vessels, wind mills, platforms, industrial areas, exposed pipelines, telecommunication and TV towers, masts and similar.

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