In Poland all diving work has a status of regulated trade. The main act is Underwater working Act, 2003 and its followed with set of executive acts and regulations associated with commercial diving, which every diving company shall comply to. It shall be noted that within accordance to the Polish enactment of diving works, not only a diving contractor is resposible for working with valid license, but also the clinet requesting diving work from unlicenced contractor is penalised.

Our company is able to perform an assessments of each project compliance to the Polish regulation. Our experience personnel is able to support a project preparation, project technical and commercial documentation. We can be consulted for the implementation of the quality and safety management systems of diving works. We also conduct the industry training. Our personnel is involved in the organization of a annual Commercial Diving Conference in Poland. We have been involved for many years in the development of the governmental legislation and regulation. Our personnel is cooperating with the Maritime Office in Gdynia as well as with Ministry of Marine Economy and Inland Waterways.

We are also involved in the research and improvement of the subsea industry. We have a close cooperation with The Polish Hyperbaric Medicine and Technology Society.

Example of our publications can be found below (in Polish only):


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