MDS-1 is two compartment, containerized diving system designed to improve efficiency and safety of diving work up to the depth of 50m. The system is developed as a highly mobile solution - it can be towed by 3,5t vehicle, on the lorry as a container or directly on the vessel, barge or pontoon. System is electrically and air self-supported for the operation up to 6h without a power source.

Diving system is equipped with following surface supply equipment:

  • Diving helmet KM-27 and diving bandbask KMB-28
  • Two R-Vest harnesses fitted with 6l 300 bar bail-out
  • Two umbilicals 80m and 100m
  • Diver two way communication system
  • Dedicated video system designed to support subsea inspections
  • Three configurable video displays
  • Two divers dive panel supplied by 3 sources
  • Two HP air banks 100l 200 bar
  • LP compressor with breathing air filtration unit
  • HP compressor
  • Wi-Fi router, computer and printer
  • UPS electrical emergency system
  • Power generator 6,5 kW 220V
  • First aid kit, medical oxygen set, fire extinguisher
  • Lifting bridle for crane operations

Installation of project specific equipment available on request


  • Container length 3,6m (5m including trailer)
  • Container width 1,8m (2,3m including trailer)
  • Container height 2,36m (2,72m including trailer)
  • Equipped container weight 1500kg (2200kg including trailer)

System is available for hire as equipment unit or with a diving team certified according to request (Polish, HSE or IMCA certification applies).


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