Baltic Diving Solution is capable of planing, preparing and executing offshore diving operation. Our personnel is experienced in offsore operations - for the oil and gas sector and also for offshore windmill parks. Our personnel was involved in diving operations worldwide - in North Sea, West Africa, Caspian and Sakhalin oilfields. We also have experience on German, Danish and UK offshore windmill parks and Orkney tidal generator.

We hold standard industry certification for offshore employees (BOSIET/OLF, MIST, OGUK Medicals ect.). Diving qualification of personnel up to IMCA saturation diver level were obtained on courses in UK(Fort William)  France (INPP) and Norway (NYD). All divers hold current HSE diving medicals. We can provide DP2 vessel that can easly be adapted with IMCA compilant air diving spread to fully funcional DSV. As for the scope of work we are capable to undertake wide range of construction and inspection tasks on offshore instalations. We are cooperating closly with large offshore operator STORK, that supports our team with specialized euqipment and engineering making our team capable of completing scope of work requided by various clients in efficient, professional and cost effective way.

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