After project evaluation by specialists, scientiscts and technicians comitee Baltic Diving Solutions was awarder Silver trophy in National Innovation Award 2016 in the category of Transport. 

Technology developed and implemented by our enterprise provides of delivery of diving technical inspection based on the CSWIP underwater inspection standards when the live feed from the diver camera is brodcasted directly to the clients office and he can by using internet protocol directly guide  diver on, for example hull of his vessel in real time. The video feed can be broadcasted to the multiple recieves - owner, shipyad, insurance office simultaniously. Additionaly on site inspector is provided with VR goggles paired with diver hat camera so he can evaluate damage almost same way as diver.

Technology was assested by the Polish Hyperbaric Medicine and Technology Society and got enthusiastic review. After it was noinated to National Innovation Award in the field of the transport (as offshore and marine transport support service). Baltic Diving solutions would like to contgratulate each member of the project team and all persons that supported us trough a project and providers of the equipment that technology is based on.  

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