Baltic Diving Solutions team was engaged in rescue operation of sinking luxury yacht. The incident happened on Gdansk Bay between Gdynia and Jastarnia harbours. Motor yacht started to picking up water in rough sea conditions and crew was unable to locate problem. SOS signal was broadcasted and crew left the yacht in the liferaft and was picked up by SAR vessel shortly after.

Jednosta Maraja Akcja Ratownicza 2
Akcja Ratownicza Zakończenie Akcji

Unmanned sinking vessel was secured by the crew or GWOPR lifguard rescue fastcraft BUMER. The rough sea conditions were making towing operation to Jastarnia harbour very risky, especially that boat was still picking up water. The team decided to deposit the vessel in relativly covered sandbanks just outside of harbor in Jastarnia. When the boat was secured safe the BDS diving team was called on site to put an oil bareer around yacht and constant monitoring of the damaged vessel and weather conditions. When the weather window opened the fleet of rescue vessels were monilised on site and rescu operation to bring the yacht to port was continued. The towing line from vessel Nurek Hel was brought to deposited unit. The high efficently pump was brougt and started and the rescue team pump most of the water out of the damaged hull until it gained stability and floatibility. Then the towing to harbour started. When yacht was brought back to safety it was secured on the crane and passed to the owner. 

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